The island of Brač is the largest Middle Dalmatian island. Its is approximately 40 km long, and 12 km wide (on average) and its surface area amounts to 395 km², which makes it the third biggest island in the Adriatic Sea. It is located 6 to 13 km away from the shore. To the south, it is separated from Split by a Brač canal (greatest depth of 78 m), and to the west from the island of Šolta by Split gate, while to the South, Hvar canal separates it from the island of Hvar (depth of 91 m). Its coast is extremely well-indented and full of magnificent natural beaches. The highest peak of the island is Vidova gora with the altitude of 778 m, which is at the same time the highest peak of the whole Adriatic.

        The island of Brač is one of the sunniest areas in the Adriatic, with all features of the pleasant Mediterranean climate. The average temperature during the summer is around 25°C and during the winter 9°C and it has 2600 sunny hours per year. It has warm and dry summers and short and mild winters. The average sea temperature during the summer is around 24°C, and in winter around 14°C.

        Due to the fact that the economic development of the island is based on cattle breeding, fishery, stone masonry, and cultivation of olives and grape vine, as well as to the fact there are no major towns on the island; we can strongly claim that the island is almost completely pollution free.

        Magnificent nature and rich cultural and historic heritage, as well as a very pleasant climate make the island of Brač an ideal destination for holidays and recreation even in early autumn or late spring.

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